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Home Is A Feeling

This online installation is a digital brainstorming session for my upcoming documentary project, "Home is A Feeling," which delves into the urgent issue of deforestation for resort development currently unfolding in Grenada. The documentary will aim to bear witness to the environmental impact and the emotional toll it takes on the community.

While the devastating effects are all too familiar to our Caribbean brothers and sisters, for us Grenadians, this marks a new and unsettling chapter. Many locals remain unaware of the ongoing deforestation and the profound implications it holds for the island's future generations.

The installation captures my stream of consciousness as I grapple with the overwhelming emotions stirred by this rapid and unbridled development, highlighting a concern that resonates across the Caribbean region.


Deydra Baptiste is a film and content maker born and raised in Toronto, based out of Montréal. In 2019 Deydra founded her content creation & film production company État Noir.

État Noir is focused on bringing high-quality content and films from PoC and LGBTQS+ creators, to wide and varied audiences. Since its founding the company has collected a roster of unique, original and personal films and series’ now in development. And assisted many projects in garnering development funding through her expert creative consulting. Deydra’s personal and professional mandate is bringing a unique brand of storytelling to wide audiences.


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