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By: Kevin Reigh

your voice is just

machines for remembering

just gears grinding

just another pop song’s conflict

bubbling to the surface

more soda than soup though

artificial sweeteners too

where the fight is for love

your sugary blows bend my ear

an elastic trauma

of screams so proud

rage barely registers

unlike the volume of your affection

can noise be iridescent

new love's beautiful I don’t give a fuck

about anything but you


who the fuck do you think you are

at the drop of a hat

imagine that

eyes closed

spitting in my face

hello wet dreams

your friends were in stitches

while you dressed me down

a clown chorus

a tattered symphony of hackles

not every mantra is whispered

or brings good karma

it mattered to you that I hear you

that I listened to you

that I let you speak

but you did all the talking

the ringing of my ears stopped

long enough to figure out

the frequency of blows matched

the cadence of your most tender kisses

a plot twist

with a three piece suit

and no place to go

aren’t we too old for this

my ears pitch to the window

desperate to hear birdsong

there was only the chicken scratch

coming home to roost

the pop singers and pop songs you loved so much

acronym anthems about love

call me outta my name

spicy pseudonyms and sobriquets

but I’m not your hot sexy thing okay

not yours

not hot

not sexy

not okay


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