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Spoken word…Dub PoetryRapsoToastingGriots…whatever you call it, orality has always been a key mode of expression for African and Caribbean communities and their diasporas. Here, you’ll find Gangalee’s collection of contributions to this oral tradition. 


Jadyn “machiinegunfunkk” Hardie-Bardy is a queer Mohawk and Jamaican poet and beader living in Tkaronto. Her work explores culture and land reconnection, destigmatizing monoliths, and overcoming adversity. In January 2021 Jadyn released her first earring collection featuring statement and everyday pieces. Following her debut collection, in December 2021 Jadyn dropped a holiday collection featuring fall and winter style earrings.


In the fall of 2020, Jadyn virtually took over the Roots Lounge stage in participation with Josh Watkis’ Filter Through Skin, officially making her debut spoken-word performance. Additionally, Jadyn’s poetry was featured in Poetry inPrint’s In The Streets Project, reflecting on public safety. In 2021, Jadyn was featured at La Raza’s open mic courtesy of Spin El Poeta and Central Neighbourhood Housing’s National Day of Rememberance & Action to Stop Violence Against Women at the Amplifying Voices and Experiences event as a spoken-word artist. You can find Jadyn as a guest feature in Council Fire’s We Are Strong podcast discussing human trafficking, safety, and setting boundaries in a January 2022 episode.


Todd Simmons is a multi-faceted artist of West Indian and Black American ADOS heritage. As a Black child with ADHD from an ‘underserved’ neighbourhood, Todd used art to escape the various traumas related to his circumstances and eventually the neighbourhood itself. His mother used her limited means to foster his creativity at a time when the school system offered little to no real resources to ensure the success of kids like him.


Todd's current project is focused on mapping and creating prototypes and creative protocols for 'Selective Memory' -- in order to bring it to larger, varied audiences through research and collaborations with writers, authors, poets, musicians and content producers from all over Canada.


'Obeah for the Un...' premiered at the Black Visual Arts Exhibition in London Ontario, April 3 - May 30, 2022.


poem read by: Adrian Neblett; Ataya Dixon-Noble McRae; Azuka Kamdibe; Sumter/April Sumter Lois -Freitag; Tanika Charles; Todd Simmons; Krystle Dos Santos; Xan Willoughby

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