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Bloody Hands

By: Jadyn “machiinegunfunkk” Hardie-Bardy

don't you see how we wear our fros?

curls shrunk, floating on head.

creating crowns to honor ancestors.

don't you see how they blur fros on big screens?

erase history through hair,

crunchy wigs and white girl wear.

they think we could never be them.

never again do i want my hair straightened,

burnt tips just to make a statement.

i got money.

that's how they keep us complacent.

white woman monetising styles brought from the soils of our motherland,

styles that brought community criticism and formed preconceived notions.

what is the correlation between big hoops and education?

they need a dead man in the streets to address representation.

and still they got white girls as makeup artists trying to match melanin and foundation.

got black children’s hands bleeding for commercialization.

i got money.”

in fashion nova wear.

stolen designs with no compensation sold across nations

but, without laws in place to protect black creatives

our legacies stay swept under rugs.

we are virgil.

lethal slickness by tongue

and now, the fashion industry has blood on its hands.


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